Who was Reggie Groover (Jan 2023) ‘Slick Goku’? Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Parents, Death & More

Latest News Who was Reggie Groover

Reggie Groover Wiki:-Reggie Groover was an American Youtuber, who was known as Slick Goku, who passed away on 20 January 2023 at the age of …

Reggie Groover (brought into the world in b/w 1990-1995, age: 32-27 years when passed on) was a YouTuber and illustrator from the US of America. He was renowned for his youtube channel Smooth Goku where he was having more than 270k supporters right now. He rose to notoriety after he started posting recordings of one of the most famous Animation series on the planet that is Winged serpent Ball Z. He was attached to making vivified accounts of various Mythical serpent Ball Z characters.

By adding various characters he used to make intriguing stories that nobody has prior at any point considered. Limit of his devotees are Mythical serpent Ball Z, series sweethearts. Reggie was engaging the world beginning around 2018 yet he passed on twentieth January 2023 which implies his adherents won’t presently ever get to see the enlivened series that he for the most part makes for them.

Reggie Groover History (Early Life and Schooling)

Reggie Groover was brought into the world in Goleta, California. He was living in St Nick Barbara, California when he passed on. Reggie Groover never showed up before the camera for his youtube recordings since he for the most part makes energized recordings. Reggie grew up watching the energized series Winged serpent Ball Z. His frenzy for Winged serpent Ball Z made him an artist who later started making energized recordings for his Youtube channel.

At the point when Reggie was living in California he went to a non-public school and perhaps of the best college in America. However he was famous on Youtube he was a confidential person uncovered unveiled nothing private about himself. Indeed, even individuals have not come to be aware of his definite age. Be that as it may, we surmise he was between 27-32 years old when he passed on. In 2013 he posted his graduation picture with his family on his own Facebook account.

Reggie Groover Family

One relative that showed up in the media to share about the demise of Reggie Groover was his mom. His mom Janice Blood raises an asset on the GoFund page where she shared that her child kicked the bucket on twentieth January 2023. She raised a $10k gift through the GoFund page yet gifts have crossed $23k USD to date.

When did Reggie Groover leave the World and Family? (Passing Reason)

Enthusiasts of Reggie Groover got grieved when his family authoritatively announced his demise in the media on twentieth January 2023. Family individuals imparted to Reggie’s fans that their number one YouTuber won’t presently ever make recordings for them as he passed on after a Seizure or we can stake a stroke in the mind. The stroke assault was high to the point that Reggie didn’t bear it and kicked the bucket at that point.

His relative never believed that he will pass on so early. Reggie was a carefree soul and getting passed on through seizures has started an issue of discussion for the local area. He was solid and fit before his demise. After his demise, his fans offered recognition via virtual entertainment.

Reggie Groover Companion, Sweetheart and Connections

To the extent that we came to know then Reggie Groover was a very modest person who generally kept him occupied in making his Winged serpent Ball Z vivified recordings. He barely got time to track down affection for himself. On his virtual entertainment, he never discussed any young lady whom he cherishes from his heart.

Smooth Goku Youtuber and Vocation

Reggie Groover’s vocation started at the closure a very long time of 2018 when he sent off his youtube channel named Smooth Goku. There are uncountable recordings accessible on his Youtube channel. The greater part of his recordings have crossed 100k regularly. A portion of his recordings have crossed huge number of perspectives. Reggie got 44,006,945 perspectives on his Youtube channel to date.

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