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Do you like writing news articles? Are you interested in being an editor? If the following criteria go with your preference then you can fulfill them through News Write for Us Guest Post. The news guest posts are the most demanded articles on our website. You can also get the opportunity to post the latest news on this website.

So let’s begin to learn the steps of the guest post.

Orbmagazine: Overview

Orbmagazine is a recognized online platform that shares multiple types of content. This website is a portal where we allow News + Write for Us articles from different contributors. We deal with content on travel, health, food blogs, website reviews, techno, infrastructure, the latest news, machine, the latest mobile phones, laptop, cars, electronic accessories, reviews of the latest films, products, books, comics, games, etc. Apart from these topics we deal with many other topics. Our website is a top-notched platform concerning its content authenticity.

What is News Write for Us Guest Post?

Those people who are not aware of news guest posts, must not worry as this section will provide you with full details. Guest posts are the articles written by any Contributor as a guest and it is published on our website. In news guest posts, contributors have to articulate news-related articles. The content will be posted very soon after delivery on the official page of Orbmagazine only. 

Principles and rules for Write for Us News.

Writing a guest post is not a difficult task after you get the guidelines of a particular website. If you follow these guidelines properly in the content, the content will be approved in no time. In this section, you will get deep knowledge about the principles and rules of content writing on our website which are mentioned below:

  • “Write for Us”+News articles should have an excellent readability score. Maintaining a 90+ readability score for articles is necessary for all contributors.
  • It is compulsory for Contributors to exceed the words of articles more than 500. Articles below 500 words will not be allowed on this website.
  • The content should include immaculate information which will increase the authenticity of your content.
  • “Write for Us” + “News” articles must have zero spam scores for the links. Articles with more spam links will be rejected.
  • It is necessary to add an image to the content. The image should be faultless and must not involve inappropriate content.
  • The articles should exclude vitriolic words or sentences. We can’t approve those articles which include vulgar information.
  • Write for Us+News should include keywords with good quality. 
  • The write-ups should not be identical to any other source. You can not copy-paste content from any other website. The plagiarism score percentage should be 0%.
  • The articles must be exclusive of grammar mistakes. There can be minute grammar mistakes so be careful about them.

How to choose a topic for Write for Us + News?

The news write-up topic should be written according to the trending topic all around the globe. The content must include the updated topics only. You can search the high-quality topics with the help of several browsers. Some news subjects are given below:

  • Top 10 news of the day.
  • Trending headlines

How to write “Write for Us” + News?

The news articles can be written according to the contributor’s choice. Some mandatory rules are discussed here:

  • The content should have an introduction about the whole content.
  1. The introduction must not be more than 70 words.
  2. The conclusion of the content should not exceed 80 words.
  3. Adding a comment line in the conclusion section is important.

How to submit News + “Write for Us”?

The contributors have to send the guest post to this email([email protected]) id. The news articles submission details do not have an alternate option. So you should make an email id if you don’t have one before sending the content. The format of your article file must be in docs. Kindly reach out to us freely for any queries.

In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post on News “Write for Us”, the post includes all the necessary details you need to know. Orbmagazine( is a magnificent website that maintains itself properly. The submission details are provided in the previous section. Visit this link to learn details on the news

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