Who Is Jim Macpherson (July) Check The Whole Story Here!

Who Is Jim Macpherson (July) Check The Whole Story Here!

Who Is Jim Macpherson (July) Check The Whole Story Here! >> Read this article and answer this essential question that can be asked in your upcoming exams. Check the exact story below.

Do you know what the most important thing to care about while reading a story is? It is- identifying the characters! Getting to know the physical description, personality, characteristics, traits and importance of each character in the story.

Well, today we are here to talk about a character from a short yet interesting story- The Best Christmas Present in the World. Taught to 8th-grade students in India, today, we will answer one simple question- Who Is Jim Macpherson

So, let us get started and learn about him more.

A Brief about the storyline

As mentioned earlier, we are talking about the story “The Best Christmas Present in the World”, beautifully written by Michael Morpurgo. We do not know the exact timing the story is set in, but in the major part of the story, we talk about an event or memory that sets back in 1914.

The story starts with the author or narrator describing how he got the old roll-top desk at a junk shop. He starts to work on it on Christmas Eve, and while disassembling the desk, he found a small black tin box in one of the drawers. Before answering Who Is Jim Macpherson, know that this tin box was taped lined notepaper. Inside it was a letter written by Jim Macpherson on December 26, 1914, and received by Mrs Jim Macpherson on January 25, 1915.

In the letter addressed to Connie Macpherson, Jim describes a wonderful thing that happened to him on Christmas- the German soldiers call him and his fellow soldiers to come in the no man’s land and celebrate the joyful Christmas Day. 

The author reads the letter and goes to find Connie.

Who Is Jim Macpherson?

Jim Macpherson was the main character of this story. He was a school teacher from Dorset, west of England, who was then serving the army during the war between Germany and England.

He was a very brave, kind and open-hearted person who was the leader of his troop. He loved his wife Connie and probably wrote to her occasionally. He also loved the Marzipan cake that she made. You can learn more about it here!

Other important characters:

Now that you have known Who Is Jim Macpherson, you must know about some other important characters of this story.

The German Soldier, named Hans Wolf, was an important character in the story because he was the one who took the initiative to unite and make peace with the English soldiers in the no man’s land.

The narrator and Mrs Jim Macpherson were also important characters in the story, without whom the story wouldn’t be interesting.


We hope that now you are clear with the important question often asked in exams for students in India– Who Is Jim Macpherson

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